Stephan & Tinie Baaij

Stephan and Tinie have camped for years. In the beginning with their tent (and baggage car) and later with their caravan. They mostly travelled to France, but also to Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Now that they have more free time, and can go on holiday for longer, they thought it'd be nice to fill their time a little differently. That's how they ended up working for ACSI.

“In 2016, we went on the tour 'Venice, Rome and Florence' as tour leaders in training. It was a fantastic tour, and we learned a lot from our tour leaders. We think we'll be able to put what we learned to good use as tour leaders on our upcoming tours.

Having a great time together is our motto, and we'll do everything we can to make that true for people who go on the tour with us. After all, enjoying yourself is the most important thing! We look forward to welcoming you as a participant on one of our upcoming tours.”