Jan & Mieneke Biesheuvel

During their working lives, Jan and Mieneke tried to find as many free days as possible to get on the road together. Saint Augustine’s saying "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." is something this couple really take to heart. The time they could get as holiday when they were working was often too short for longer trips, but now that they are both retired, there's plenty of time.

“We first took part in a group camping tour about fifteen years ago. We found that there's no truth at all to the misconception that going on a group holiday means you lose the freedom to do what you want. We really noticed how inspiring it can be to go on the road together, and we were keen to share our experiences by becoming tour leaders ourselves. This is something we've done since 2007.

In the meantime, we've lead lots of tours, all of them to Italy (and some with a short stay on the Greek island of Corfu). We've enjoyed the spectacular beauty of the natural surroundings, and the many cultural gems, but what's inspired us most is the relationships we've formed with tour participants. On our tours, we attach a lot of importance to a good atmosphere. You get to know one another naturally, but you're free to find your own way.

On the tour, we're keen to share our experiences with you, and to surprise you with what we come across along the way. You're very welcome!"