Tour guides

They are one of the most important benefits of our camping tours. The experienced and dedicated tour guides ensure everything goes as planned. These enthusiastic campers are well versed on the country you will be travelling to and that is a safe and reassuring feeling. Their efforts mean you can relax without a care. Read more

You do not just become an ACSI tour guide overnight. The guides on our tours are not volunteers found in haste, but fully-fledged freelance staff closely connected to our organisation. They are campers who have travelled with ACSI for years and have followed extensive internal training. They fit perfectly with the unique qualities of our Camping Tours. They know how to find the balance between the group activities and individual freedom flawlessly.

Well prepared

The preparations for a tour are serious and thorough. Surprises can turn out to be nice but it is reassuring if the organisation proceeds as planned. Unforeseen problems are solved adequately and you need not concern yourself for a moment about, for example, the ferry, a table in the restaurant or finding a suitable place at the campsite.

Versatile is the term befitting our guides. They keep each other on the ball and exchange experiences. Besides which, they receive regular refresher courses from us, which means the tour guides know the latest developments and are well informed about insurance, local legislation and emergency procedures. They also receive a comprehensive package of books well in advance of the departure date so they know all there is to know about the region or city.

The tour guides ensure you get the most out of your trip. Use their contextual knowledge and practical solutions and you will enjoy a rich travelling experience!

Jan & Mieneke Biesheuvel

"We found that there's no truth at all to the misconception that going on a group holiday means you lose the freedom to do what you want." 
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Stephan & Tinie Baaij

"Having a great time together is our motto, and we'll do everything we can to make that true for people who go on the tour with us. After all, enjoying yourself is the most important thing."
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Ton & Hannie Eickelmann

“We want to ensure you can enjoy a nice relaxing holiday with plenty of freedom.”
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George & Tineke van den Eijkel

"We want to make this a wonderfully relaxing tour for all of us."
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Codi & Jacqueline Fielmich

"Codi and Jacqueline Fielmich have already seen most parts of Europe."
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Ed & Marjo Hillebrand

"When travelling, we remain at your service, and together we make sure you have an unforgettable trip."
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Ger Litjens

"Our motto on our tours is 'freedom is happiness, nothing is compulsory, and (almost) anything goes'. We hope to meet you on one of our tours!"
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Niek & Heleen Peters

"We think it is important for everyone to have their freedom and be respected."
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Jean Marie Soens & Marie-Anne Cartreul

"We like to welcome people in a warm and friendly holiday atmosphere, and to support them to discover new places and ways of life."
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Paul Titulaer & Christine Klaassens

"Sportsmanship, fun and freedom to enjoy yourself are all very important to us."
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Jeroen & Cécile Verhaak

"We've been travelling through Europe for more than 40 years, and we've visited lots of different places. We're keen to share those experiences with tour participants, to ensure they too love their travels."
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Ruud Wigman & Astrid ten Brink

"We think it's important that all participants can go home after their holiday and say that they had a wonderful time, and that they can't wait to go on another group holiday."
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Ido Schoonenberg & Hannie van Hartingsveldt

"We really get to know the areas we travel to, and enjoy sharing our years of camping experience with you."
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Piet van Dijk & Ria Verschuur

"It's fascinating to see how a group of people can go from not knowing each other at all, to becoming a close-knit group".
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