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Important to know

Important to know

Before booking an ACSI Camping Tour, it is advisable you are aware of a number of issues. This will make your overall holiday, your journey, your stay at campsites and the excursions in particular all the more enjoyable.

Choose a holiday that suits you

The icons show you what to expect at a glance. The travelling information, daily itinerary and suggestions for free days are arranged clearly under tab pages.

Extra starting dates

If a tour is very popular, we may add additional starting dates (usually a week later). Ask ACSI about this or look for more information on this website.

Benefits of an ACSI camping tour

Is an organised holiday more expensive than following the tour individually? We are confident this is not the case. By travelling in a group, we can get group discounts at campsites, restaurants and with ferry operators for example. It is precisely these discounts that enable ACSI to compile a tour for which, as a customer, you pay no more than if you were to organise it all yourself. Further, you benefit from the many extras a group tour offers.

Our expert knowledge and experience means you can rely on a well-planned itinerary. You go to locations and events you would otherwise probably never visit.

Our target group

Campers who can go on holiday outside the busy high season. The camping combination could consist of a car with caravan, folding motorhome or a tent and motorhome. There are generally two people per combination, but we regularly have people travelling alone or groups of three or more in the travelling parties.


When organising the tour itinerary, we assume the participants can take part in the travelling days, excursions and other activities independently (therefore without help from a third party) and that they are in good health and physical condition. It is your own responsibility to decide whether you can complete the selected tour without any problems and you are always welcome to refrain from joining in any part of the programme. If you have any doubts, please contact ACSI. You can find the recommended vaccinations for Eastern European countries, the Balkans and Africa on or consult your local Public Health Service.

Car and camping equipment

Your car, caravan or motorhome must be in good condition and maintained according to the regulations. Consider having your car, caravan or motorhome serviced before travelling. Furthermore, it is important your car has sufficient towing capacity for pulling your caravan.


Per trip, the tour information states if pets are allowed.You cannot take your pet on the excursions or to a group meal. If you cannot take part in a particular activity because of this, you will not receive any compensation.

All additional costs for pets (e.g. campsite surcharge) are charged to the participant. Pets must not form a nuisance for the other participants or campsite guests and you must always keep your pet on a lead at the campsites.

Do think about the following border formalities for your pet: a European passport for pets, a chip or tattoo and a vaccination certificate against rabies (at the time of import, a minimum of 1 month and maximum of 12 months old).

The Scandinavian countries have stricter requirements. Consult your vet well in advance.

Travel documents

You must possess the necessary documents: a valid passport and if required, a visa. For current information, we refer you to, click on the destination (country) and border documents. You also require a driving licence and green card (valid for the countries you are travelling through). A separate green car is compulsory for caravans.


Cancellation insurance: on cancelling your holiday (for valid reasons), you are guaranteed your costs will be refunded. This also applies to unused holiday days due to an unexpected termination of the holiday (for valid reasons, your car, caravan or motorhome breaking down does not count as a valid reason to be eligible for unused travel days). Also, see General Terms & Conditions.

Travel, luggage, travel health and accident insurance are also highly recommended. Also, consider insurance for replacement transport. In the event of a break down or illness, it is important you have insurance for emergency assistance or repatriation when abroad, for your transportation, camping equipment and for yourself.

You can take out cancellation, travel, luggage, travel health and accident insurance for a consecutive period, which is cheaper in many cases. If you would like to know more about the insurance package best suited to your trip and wishes, please call ACSI.
ACSI takes out its insurance from the Europeesche Verzekeringen.

Documents for the trip

Approximately one month before the start of your holiday, you will receive the following documents, among others:

  • Route book with maps, extensive day itinerary and general tour and country information.
  • With a Camping tour – Plus: a travel guide with background and tourist information for the applicable countries/regions.
  • List of participants and campsites.
  • Introductory letter from the tour guides in which they introduce themselves, provide some extra practical tips for the holiday and include their phone number. Therefore, if you still have any personal questions you can always call them.
  • ACSI stickers for your car and caravan or motorhome.

The start of an ACSI camping tour

The first campsite we choose is never far from the region we will be touring on the holiday. That usually means a few travelling days from home. You can travel there at your own pace. You will of course have a description of the route to the starting point of the tour, including information on overnight campsites on the way. If you wish, you can arrive at this campsite earlier than the scheduled time. In that case, we do recommend you enquire about availability at the campsite.

Tour guides

The tour guides provide support during the tours. The travel guides are couples who have been thoroughly prepared for their task. During the holiday, they maintain contact with the various relations, such as campsites, tour bus operators, guides, restaurants etc. They coordinate or lead the excursions and ensure the travelling days run smoothly. They also function as a source of information and support for the participants in relation to any conceivable subject.

During a number of the tours (usually the more strenuous holidays), another couple will assist the tour guides in their task with both organisational as technical issues.

The tour guides will offer the greatest possible help with accidents until the assistance provided by your insurers comes into effect. From that point, your insurer’s emergency assistance takes over your personal support and the tour guides return to join the group. The tour guides will maintain contact with you to offer support where required and as far as possible.

The campsites

We carefully select the campsites for the location, services and facilities. We also consider the ability to accommodate the group, the travelling route, the scheduled programme and the sights in the surrounding area. If we need to divert to a lesser quality campsite, we will base our decision on one of the above reasons.

When reserving the camping pitches, we endeavour to book similar pitches. There is no difference in the space for larger or smaller caravans/motorhomes. In some cases, we may assign a different camping pitch or plot if a motorhome exceeds a certain length and/or weight. This depends on the campsite rules and ground conditions.

There is a standard procedure for allocating the camping pitches. The general rule is that you follow the instructions from the tour guide and/or camping site management. If you do not like the allocated pitch, wait until the whole group has arrived and then the tour guide will have time to help you find a solution.


Many campsites open around Easter and close at the end of September. Despite the fact campsites are generally open for six months, the facilities in the early and late seasons can often be limited. Do take this into consideration.

Travelling routes

During the travelling days, you decide the time you depart and you can plan your day as you wish. Your pitch at the next campsite has been reserved for you. We have taken great care in compiling the route and the tour guide will provide you with all kinds of tips for travelling when discussing the route. So make each day of travelling a holiday too. The misconception is that we drive the routes in a convoy and we hereby want to dispel that fable.

The stages of the tour are approximately between 200 and 300 km long and are preferably tourist routes. We have tested them with a car-caravan combination. We base our travelling and route information on information known to us at the time. Unfortunately, we cannot always anticipate changes due to traffic detours for example.

The condition of the roads can differ per country and region. When setting out the routes, we do factor in this consideration, but we cannot avoid that certain routes or parts thereof are on badly maintained roads. In this case, you should adapt your driving style to the conditions. ACSI is not responsible for damage due to bad roads.

Ferries, including the tickets

When ferry crossings are included in the holiday, the ticket costs are included in the tour price. Occasionally, you need to purchase local ferry tickets at the location. This is stated in the travel information for the corresponding tour.

For the ferry connections between Italy and Greece, we use ferries on which you spend the night on the camping deck, therefore in your own caravan or motorhome. You can use the public shower and toilet facilities on the camping deck. Furthermore, you can use all the other facilities on board, such as the restaurant and lounge. Depending on the distance, the other ferry crossings are by day or with an overnight stay on board.
If there is an overnight stay on board, the cabin accommodation stated in the travel information is included in the tour price. The listed cabin types are based on our agreements with the various ferry operators. Depending on availability, the specific type of cabin you want may no longer be free. We will inform you if this is the case.

Vehicles: In the travel information, you will find the dimensions of the vehicles (car, caravan or motorhome) on which we have based the ferry price. Any surcharges will be charged separately. On your booking form, please state the exact size of your vehicles. If there is a random check when boarding and it appears you have provided the wrong dimensions, in the worst case, your passage could be denied. We base the itineraries for tours, which include a ferry crossing, on the ferry schedules of the corresponding ferry operators.

If a ferry operator temporally takes a ferry off the schedule, this may result in a change to the day programme or the desired accommodation on board. ACSI is not repsonsible for this. Depending on the options, we will ensure that the programme is adapted while maintaining a similar content.

Meals on the programme

The following drinks are included in the meals listed in the tour programme. With your lunch you receive one drink (wine/soft drink or coffee or tea, fitting the menu) and with an evening meal, two drinks (wine or soft drink) and coffee or tea afterwards. This does not apply to the Scandinavian countries, Morocco and Turkey, and meals on board the ferries. They often serve larger glasses of beer, soft drinks and ¼ litre of wine in one glass. Due to the larger measurements, it is often the case that only one drink is included.

Diets: Within reason, our tour guides can discuss dietary wishes with the restaurants included in the programme. This also applies to dishes you really cannot tolerate. The options of course depend on the possibilities and eating culture of the corresponding country. You must discuss any necessary changes to meals with your tour guide in advance.

Dinner including transfers

The evening meals stated in the programme include transport to and from the restaurant unless the restaurant is at walking distance from the campsite.


Generally, a comfortable tour bus drives you to the excursions. Depending on the programme however, we may also select a different form of transport: boat, train, jeep or even a ride on a donkey or camel. The admission fees for sights listed in the tour are included. Where required, ACSI will use a local guide. If this is not an English-speaking guide, the ACSI tour guides will provide a translation.

A group visit means you travel by your own transport, under the direction of the ACSI tour guides. Admission fees and any parking costs are included in the tour price. Excursions and activities are organised exclusively for those taking part in the holiday. Therefore, outsiders, even visiting family and friends, cannot take part.

Individual freedom

This has high priority for ACSI. You do not have to take part in activities if you do not wish to do so. It is a group holiday and we have set the itinerary in advance but, within that framework, there is room for you to do other things. You are also free to deviate from the programme after consultation with your tour guide.

If you voluntarily shorten your holiday or miss an overnight stay at a campsite, an excursion, meal or other activities, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Getting acquainted with other cultures

A holiday aboard means different people and customs, a different culture, other food, and that it is unlike home. That is one of the appealing sides to a holiday, but also a factor to consider within your holiday expectations.

Number of participants per group

Our groups consist of a maximum of 24 combinations (48 persons) and a minimum of 11 combinations (22 persons). If there are not enough participants (this is determined c. six weeks before the start of the tour), ACSI can decide to cancel the tour and will try to offer an acceptable alternative. If the participants do not accept this alternative, we will immediately refund all paid tour costs.

Inclusive and exclusive

As stated with the travel information per tour. We reserve the right to change the tour price if extreme changes to the travelling costs (fuel charges) require us to do so. Any increases will be net increases; we will not charge any surcharge to you. Per booking, ACSI charges € 21 reservation costs.

Booking confirmation/Payment terms

After receiving your booking, we will send you an invoice. This is also your booking confirmation. If you book in 2016, you will only have to make the 30% part payment of the tour in the first week of January. You should transfer any outstanding amount no later than six weeks before the tour departs.

Changing the tour

If a participant wishes to change a definite reservation up to 4 weeks before departure (if possible) there is a € 27 charge, plus any change fees from the boat/ferry operators. We consider any changes after this period as a cancellation. You can only change a tour within the corresponding year of travel.

Cancelling the tour

On cancellation of the agreement, we will charge you a cancellation fee as well as the reservation fee, Calamity Funds and any costs related to the cancellation insurance. According to the ANVR Travel Terms & Conditions these are:

* Up to 42 days before the day of arrival: 30% of the tour price
* From the 42nd day (inclusive) to the 28th day before arrival: 60% of the tour price
* From the 28th day (inclusive) to the day of arrival: 90% of the tour price
* The day of arrival or later: the full tour price.

When you cancel a tour that includes a ferry crossing, we apply other terms than the ANVR Travel Terms & Conditions. In this case, we charge the cancellation costs of the ferry operators.

The information on this website

Making a website is a complex affair requiring lengthy preparations. Interim changes can occur. If possible, we will modify any changes on the website. We are not bound by any errors and/or changes.

If you have any questions

Please contact ACSI Camping Tours, telephone +44 (0) 845-5082302.

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