About us

We may have already convinced you with our extensive selection, which includes the most beautiful destinations. You may however, still have doubts. That is why we are happy to list all the benefits of an ACSI camping tour for you.

Our involvement and expertise go further than simply organising a tour.

1. The camping specialist

ACSI has been the camping and campsite specialist for the past 50 years. We have been organising camping tours for campers through Europe, and often far beyond, since 1985. We are experienced but still eager to learn. People’s wishes change and we effortless adapt the tours to respond to those changes.

When you choose a camping tour with ACSI, you choose expert knowledge, which ensures you can go on a carefree holiday and discover places that normally remain hidden.

2. Champion!

A price does not tell the whole story, but it says a lot. ACSI Camping Tours won a Zoover Award in 2011 in the category for Best Supplier of Camping Holidays, a milestone of which we are rightly proud. Especially, as the holidaymakers were the ones voting. The ACSI Camping Tours received an average score of 8.2.

Of course, the biggest prize an organisation can win is a satisfied customer. That is worth more to us than a cup made of precious metal. The people participating in our holidays are exceptionally satisfied with the level of quality. We also see that reflected in the welcome home survey and the large group who go on tour with ACSI year after year.

3. Freedom

They appear to be two contrasting benefits: a group holiday and individual freedom. We believe these two things are highly compatible. Every ACSI camping tour is a perfect example of that.

It is enjoyable travelling in a group, you are out and about with a group of like-minded people and you can help each other if needed. But, you are only part of the group if you choose to be. The group does not drive one behind the other, unless you and your fellow travellers choose to do so.

That is also the case with the evening programme. You can spend the day together, but it is not compulsory. On free days, you can do as you please. Someone may like to join you. The choice is yours.

4. Discover!

The ACSI Camping Tours are known for distinctive, reliable and often surprising excursions. Our specialists ensure perfectly organised programmes. Therefore, you can discover the unique spots as well as the famous highlights.

You can really get to know a city, region or country during these daytrips. You will see nature, taste the culture and re-live the history. Your tour guide knows all there is to know and if that is not the case, you can count on an excellent English-speaking guide, where possible.

When taking an excursion, you can leave your car behind. A comfortable tour bus collects you or you travel with an alternative form of transport. Travel in a jeep, with a boat, the train or even on the back of a camel for example.

5. Discount

The tour price includes various discounts. This is a significant benefit of the group tours; we can make sharp pricing agreements with the campsites, restaurants and ferry operators. That is why we can guarantee you will never pay more than you would if you were organising everything for yourself or for a small group.

The prices are starting prices and are valid for one person. They do not include motorhome or caravan rental. There are no hidden costs and many things are included. There is a clear description per tour what you can expect.

6. Tour guides

You can rely on expert tour guides. The guides are couples we have carefully selected and they have followed internal training. They can solve any organisational issues quickly and decisively. An outright benefit of an ACSI camping tour!

Besides arranging practical issues, the tour guides can also provide directions to unique sights and provide extra information about the journey to the following destination. We have checked all the travelling routes in advance so you can reach the next campsite without problems, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Click here for more information about our tour guides!

7. A tour to suit you

The extensive range of different types of tours means there is always a holiday to suit you.

The Camping Tour - Plus tours include a wide range of excursions. The Camping Tour -Themed are short holidays centred on a specific subject or event.

The handy icons enable you to see at a glance if a holiday suits your wishes.

8. Assurance

A booking with ACSI Camping Tours offers you assurance. We are affiliated to the Dutch Federation of Travel Organizations (ANVR), the Dutch Travel Refund Guarantee Fund (SGR) and the Dutch Calamity Fund for Travellers. Certainly a mouth full, but guaranteeing you can book a camping tour with us safely and securely.

Further, we can use the Travelife logo. That is an assurance that we do all we can to preserve the environment, the people, the nature and culture in the holiday countries.

9. Always an answer

We try to answer many of the frequently asked questions on this website. If you still have any questions or if something is unclear, we are always ready to help. You can call one of our staff or get in touch with the tour guide.